Confidentiality & data protection


Dextra’s internal policy

Confidential Information belonging to our clients is vital to our Company’s success and every authorised employee has the responsibility to use it appropriately, protect its confidentiality and disclose it only if and to the extent authorised to do so.
We must also respect the confidentiality of information belonging to others (including competitors, suppliers and partners) and not seek, accept or use any Confidential Information that we know or suspect we are not authorised to have.
When others provide us with their own Confidential Information, we must treat it with the same respect that we give our own Confidential Information and must additionally adhere to any restrictions or conditions upon its use that they require.

This Global Confidential Information Policy is mandatory and applies to all employees of Dextra International, its subsidiaries and joint ventures which Dextra AgroHolding International controls. This Policy sets the minimum standard that must be followed. Where local laws, regulations or rules impose a higher standard, that higher standard must be followed.