Sales performance


First step

Channel selection

Dextra is the key to establish the best-selling strategy. The first step we take is the identification and selection of the appropriate sales channels for each product.

This enables a good product positioning. Depending on the intended uses of the product, market access and the right partner for distribution can be different.

Second step

Pricing strategy

After the right selection, Dextra defines the pricing strategy and follows up price variations in the market. Prices and profits are treated with a complete transparency in front of our clients.

Third step

Sales agreement

Dextra closely works with the defined distributors so we can offer our clients an annual sales forecast for budgeting purposes and a right stock management.

Our aim is the establishment of long-term relationships between our clients and the local partners. We continuously monitor the performance of the distributors in order to update our clients with market or companies’ movements.

We represent different companies in the same country, so our clients can take the advantage of some portfolio synergies, as improving the conditions of access to the best distributors. The partnership with Dextra in terms of sales avoids the investment in more structure, until the client has a sufficient critical mass.