From 16 to 18 September 2018, an Argentine pesticide administration delegation visited China and also held a pesticide technical and management workshop with ICAMA of China. The delegation paid visit to Chinese pesticide research, trial and production institutions as well as administration departments in order to have an in-depth understanding of the development of Chinese pesticide industry.

The two sides reached common understandings through broad discussions at the workshop, which paves the way for a sustainable pesticide business development between the two countries. Both parties reached understanding on:


1) Proper regulation of pesticide administration – beginning from 1st January 2019, Argentine SENASA will accept only ICAMA issued documents for the purpose of pesticide registration.


2) Crackdown on illegal pesticide trading – Argentine SENASA will take random check on ICAMA issued Customs clearance documents.


3) promotion of pesticide traceability system – Argentine SENASA will make reference to the experience of Chinese pesticide traceability system.


4) Strengthening of information exchange – Argentine SENASA will start to take claims on illegal pesticide deals.


5) Gradual implementation of mutual data recognition – Argentine SENASA will consider recognition of the testing data of labs endorsed by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


6) Establishment of cooperation mechanism – the two parties will move forward to execute an MOU as early as possible.


Chinese pesticide products play an important role in the market of South America. According to statistics, China’s pesticide export volume to Argentina in 2017 reached 67,000 tons at a value of $320 million, which ranks the 4th following US, Brazil and Australia.