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Neonicotinoids: Public consultation on a draft Decree in France

A draft Decree is on public consultation from 14/02 to 15/03/2017. A list of 7 Neonicotinoid active substances that will be banned from 1st September 2018 is given: Acetamiprid, Clothianidin, Dinotefuran*, Imidacloprid, Nitenpyram*, Thiacloprid and Thiamethoxam. Neonicotinoids ban was set by the law for biodiversity regrowth. Exemptions may be granted until 1 July 2020 by joint […]

UK Agri-Brexit coalition formed

Eight organisations and trade associations involved in agribusiness have formed an Agri-Brexit coalition to bring together their expertise as negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU progress. The coalition comprises: Agricultural Engineers Association, Agricultural Industries Confederation, British Society of Plant Breeders, Central Association of Agricultural Valuers, Crop Protection Association, Grain and Feed Trade Association, […]

Glyphosate not classified as a carcinogenic

The herbicide, glyphosate, should not be classified as a carcinogen, concludes the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Its assessment of hazard classifications for the active ingredient concludes that the available scientific evidence does not meet the criteria for classification as a carcinogen, mutagen or toxic for reproduction. The opinion will […]

Analysis of new patterns and future trends in Global Agriculture

Looking into the future, the traditional agri-input market is expected to enter a period of low growth, but, promoted by sustainable agricultural development in the world, some emerging fields for green and environmental protection are expected to enter the high growth period. In the future, the indispensable technical resources for future global food production are […]

Dextra International has been nominated by the BIBC for the 2017 International Growth category award

The Barcelona International Business Club Movers & Shakers Awards will be held within the framework of the annual meeting of Club members. The awards aim to recognize and reward excellence, best practices, personal achievements and innovation in companies located in Catalonia. They will recognize personal skills, leadership competencies and entrepreneurial mindsets from all sectors of […]

Plans to make EU legislative decisions more political would threaten innovation and competitiveness.

Industry slams plan to change EU approval decision process. The European Commission has proposed changes to the “comitology” procedure, where EU member states vote to accept or reject proposals. It wants the last stage, the appeal committee, to only count positive or negative votes by EU member states, and ignore abstentions and absences. It decided that […]

Updated regulation governing the registration of pesticides in Costa Rica

Updated regulation RTCR 484/2016 on synthetic pesticide formulations, active ingredients and other substances for agricultural use was published last month in the official gazette. It will enter into force six months after the mid-January publication. It will also facilitate farmers’ access to new and more innovative formulations that are more environmentally friendly and lead to […]

Two agrochemicals allowed and another four banned in Uruguay

The Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery of Uruguay has banned four agrochemical products considered highly dangerous and also restricted the use of two other agrochemicals. According to the general director of Agricultural Services, Federico Montes, the aim was to preserve the biodiversity of genetic controllers that could have insects in any place of production. […]