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Dextra opens a new branch in Miami, Florida

According to its expansion plan, DextraInternational inagurates a new branch in United States. The chosen location is Miami, Florida, as this State represents a good hub for the international agribusiness companies located both in Central and South America, as well as for European Companies. US companies will have an easy reach to both markets by the hand of […]

New Agrochemical Regulation to come in Costa Rica

For years, the industry and the regulatory authorities have been working in a new proposal for regulating crop protection products. The notification G/SPS/N/CRI/172 has been published in front of the WTO on the 11th of July concerning the Regulation RTCR 484:2016 “Regulation on Registration, Use and Control of Formulated Synthetic Pesticides, Technical Grade Active Ingredient, […]

EFSA overview document on the estimation of non-dietary chemical exposure

The current scientific report aims at providing a document that compiles and summarise relevant information on non-dietary exposure derived from the use of consumer products and via the environment (dust, air, etc.). Leading institutions and organisations on non-dietary exposure are presented, in particular, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). This scientific report also provides an overview […]

EU votes to limit glyphosate use

On July 11th, EU member states voted to accept certain limitations on the use of glyphosate. This followed the decision last month to extend the herbicide’s licence for 18 months. These limitations include: A ban of the co-formulant (POE-tallowamine) from glyphosate-based products (such as Roundup). These co-formulants are called surfactants, and they promote the penetration of […]

Updated advice for industry following Federal Court decision regarding applications involving reference products

The Federal Court decision on 10 June 2016 confirmed the importance of the APVMA’s obligations to appropriately protect confidential commercial information (CCI) about a reference product when assessing product registration applications. The decision requires the APVMA to manage each application involving reference product CCI on a case by case basis. During July 2016 the APVMA […]

Con nuestros mejores deseos…

  Este ha sido un año fantástico en cuanto a proyectos y reconocimientos. En 2018 seguiremos dando lo mejor de nosotros, en cada proyecto en el que nos involucremos… Por lo que quisiéramos dar las gracias a todo nuestro equipo, que da siempre lo mejor de si mismo, y muy especialmente a cada uno de […]