EFSA is carrying out a second stakeholder consultation in support of the review of its guidance on pesticides and bees.

The dedicated stakeholder consultation group has been asked to comment on the protocol that EFSA will use to collect and evaluate data on bee mortality. The need for up-to-date evidence on bee mortality – taking account of realistic beekeeping management and natural background mortality – was highlighted by the European Commission when it asked EFSA to review the guidance.

The consultation group has already provided comments on the current guidance, which was published in 2013. Pesticide experts in EU Member States have also been consulted on the current document.

The feedback will be considered by the scientific working group set up to review the guidance at its first meeting next week.

EFSA will continue to consult stakeholders and Member State experts throughout the process. A full public consultation and workshop will take place when the guidance document has been drafted.


Source: EFSA