Act No. 22, published on March 27 in the Federal Official Gazette of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) of Brazil, contains the registration of 18 technical products, with nine active ingredients. All these products use active ingredients already registered and in use within the national territory, and are therefore not new products. The following active ingredients have been registered: 1 Fipronil, 1 Folpet, 1 Cyproconazole, 1 Lufenuron, 1 Chlorpyrifos, 1 Isoxaflutole, 1 Gibberellic Acid, 2 Simazine and 9 Glufosinate-ammonium.

As they are technical products, none of the registered products will be available for purchase by farmers.

The registration of generic pesticides is an important policy to reduce the impact of monopolies and oligopolies on the market for certain active ingredients, a dynamic that aids free competition and the competitiveness of national agriculture.

All the active ingredients in the technical products registered today have registered use in the United States and most of them have been registered in Australia and in European countries.

The products that had their registration published were analyzed and approved by the MAPA, Ibama and Anvisa, according to scientific criteria and in line with the best international practices.

Source: Agropages

Image source: “Brasil” by ruifo is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.