Health Canada is consulting Canadians on the proposal to cancel several uses of the pesticide cyromazine in Canada, and add risk mitigation measures to other uses, to further protect the health of Canadians working with the pesticide as well as the environment.

Cyromazine is a systemic insecticide and insect growth regulator that is currently registered for commercial use to control pests on a variety of crops. Currently registered products containing cyromazine can be found in Pesticide Label Search results.

With respect to human health, risks due to occupational exposure have not been shown to be acceptable for the following uses of cyromazine, which are proposed for cancellation:

– potatoes
– leafy vegetables
– leafy brassica vegetables
– celery
– outdoor ornamentals grown for cut flowers
– greenhouse ornamentals
– greenhouse lettuce
– imported dry bulb onion seeds

Mitigation measures are required for all remaining uses: mushrooms, imported green onion seeds, and outdoor ornamentals not grown for cut flowers. To mitigate potential environmental risks to non-target organisms, spray buffer zones to protect sensitive aquatic and terrestrial habitats from spray drift and precautionary label statements to inform users of potential risks to the environment are required.

For more information on the proposed decision, including product cancellations or risk mitigation measures to further protect human health and the environment, open the “Proposed Re-evaluation Decision”.
Source: Agropages