Pesticides with the controversial active ingredient, glyphosate , can be used in Germany for another year until December 15, 2020, without restrictions and requirements, reported “Spiegel” in its new edition.

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture, attributed its decision to manufacturers’ applications for approval not being examined in time. Therefore, one is obliged to extend this unchecked, it said.

In France, on the other hand, the responsible office banned 36 products containing glyphosate for consumption after 2020, which corresponds to almost three quarters of the volume sold in 2018. “The fact that the federal government is extending the approval without a sound, shows once again that the glyphosate phase-out promised in the coalition agreement is only an annoying burden for Julia Klöckner and not a serious goal,” said the Green Member of the Bundestag and agricultural expert, Harald Ebner, of the “Spiegel”. The Ministry countered that the goal was to exit. At the same time, the industry is exerting pressure in Brussels to prevent the active ingredient, glyphosate, from being banned across the EU. The “Glyphosate Renewal Group” consists of nine companies.


Source: Agropages