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EU General Court annuls the decision on genetically modified soybean products

The General Court annuls the decision whereby the Commission rejected an application for review of the marketing authorisation granted to products containing genetically modified soybeans The effects of GMOs on human or animal health may fall within the area of the environment, so that non-governmental organisations may refer to those aspects within an application for […]

EU-wide protection plan set out to save at-risk bee populations

MEPs are to set out a Pan-European long-term survival strategy that involves potential bans on all harmful pesticides, tightening up checks to eliminate fake honey imports and promoting the health benefits of honey. The European political push for action to help bees comes just after the updated risk assessment from the European Food Safety Authority […]

Price and Supply: continuation of China’s pesticide technical and formulation faces severe challenges

To know more about Chinese agrochemical market and doing business with leading export companies, please click: 2018 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) During the previous week, CAC Shanghai became the focus of attention of the pesticide industry, as it had no obvious impact on the prices of pesticide technical. The prices of intermediates rose generally, which […]


UK rules for first time on protection over field monitoring data for agrochemical companies

A Court of Appeal decision will give agro-chemical companies greater protection in relation to commercially sensitive field monitoring data. The decision would otherwise allow competitors to bring their products to market without first having to conduct their own such studies. The case – Chiltern Farm Chemicals Limited -v- Health and Safety Executive – relates to […]