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A Glimpse Inside the Crop Protection Toolbox

 Plant Health is Paramount  Much like people monitor their own health, farmers pay close attention to the health of their crops to know when to step in and help. While people measure their blood pressure, monitor their exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, and take medicine when they’re ill, farmers regularly observe their crops for […]

New round of environmental compliance inspection of Chinese chemical industry starts; be alert to impact to plan global sourcing

Since China initiated strict environmental compliance inspections, several industry players, including pesticide and intermediates production enterprises, are facing a live-or-die choice. Currently, many provinces in China have initiated the process to close or revoke chemical industrial parks. According to incomplete statistics, the number of chemical industrial parks is expected to go down to some 480 […]


New plant breeding techniques concern law interpretation, European Commission says

The future of new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) at the EU level lies in the European Court of Justice’s interpretation of existing law, Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis told EURACTIV.com, adding that the executive will act accordingly at the political level. “It’s an issue related to the interpretation of existing law. The European Commission has no […]


EU set to completely ban outdoor use of three neonic insecticides

Member States’ representatives in a Standing Committee have backed a proposal by the European Commission to further restrict the use of three active substances (imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, known as “neonicotinoids”) for which a scientific review concluded that their outdoor use harms bees. The protection of bees is an important issue for the Commission since […]


EU to vote on neonicotinoids ban on April 27

The Directorate General for Health (DG Sante) of the European Commission has confirmed that EU Member States will be invited to vote on its proposal to ban all outdoor uses of neonicotinoids on 27 April. European Commission restricted the use of 3 highly bee-toxic neonicotinoids in 2013. Imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam were then banned on […]