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Nigerian farmers want substandard seed dealers punished

Nigerian Farmers have asked the Federal Government to put in place measure that would check the proliferation of adulterated seeds across the Country. Speaking on behalf of the group at a media dialogue which held in Abuja, the National Vice President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Daniel Okafor, said, a majority of the […]

Dextra International has been nominated by the BIBIC for the 2018 SME Award

The Barcelona International Business Club Movers & Shakers Awards will be held within the framework of the annual meeting of Club members. The awards aim to recognize and reward excellence, best practices, personal achievements and innovation in companies located in Catalonia. They will recognize personal skills, leadership competencies and entrepreneurial mindsets from all sectors of the industry, […]

Argentina bans dichlorvos and trichlorfon

The National Service of Health and Food Quality (Senasa), banned the import, commercialization and use of insecticides/ acaricides based on dichlorvos, which is used on tobacco and grain storage facilities, in keeping with international norms for residue of pesticide. “The prohibition will be valid in 180 days,” stated Resolution 149/2018 of the Senasa, published in […]

Uruguay soybean production down 61% due to severe drought

Uruguay is a small soybean producing country wedged between its two giant neighbors of Brazil and Argentina, but farmers in Uruguay have been showing more interest in soybean production in recent years. The soybean production in Uruguay in 2017/18 is turning out to be very disappointing and not the type of year farmers had been […]

A Glimpse Inside the Crop Protection Toolbox

 Plant Health is Paramount  Much like people monitor their own health, farmers pay close attention to the health of their crops to know when to step in and help. While people measure their blood pressure, monitor their exposure to harmful germs and bacteria, and take medicine when they’re ill, farmers regularly observe their crops for […]

New round of environmental compliance inspection of Chinese chemical industry starts; be alert to impact to plan global sourcing

Since China initiated strict environmental compliance inspections, several industry players, including pesticide and intermediates production enterprises, are facing a live-or-die choice. Currently, many provinces in China have initiated the process to close or revoke chemical industrial parks. According to incomplete statistics, the number of chemical industrial parks is expected to go down to some 480 […]