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European-origin pathogen poses big threat to potato crop in India

A rapidly evolving pathogen from Europe may spell doom for India’s potato yield, an essential staple crop that also fetches good income to millions of farmers. Scientists at the West Bengal State University have found 19 unique and highly aggressive variants of Phytophthora infestans, a microorganism that causes late blight disease in potato shrinking it […]

Potato Blight Trends in Europe: EuroBlight 2017 Results

The EuroBlight project is examining the ongoing evolution of the potato late blight pathogen (Phytophthora infestans). In 2017, almost 1500 samples from 16 countries in Europe were genotyped. The results indicate that new clones continue to spread. Latest findings  Around 75% of the samples belonged to defined clonal lineages also observed in previous seasons. Some […]

3,135 tonnes of pesticide used in Ireland in 2016

New data from the Irish Department of Agriculture reveals that 3,135 tonnes of pesticides were used in Ireland in 2016. Pesticide sprays include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other industrial chemicals. The 2016 data points to an increase of 14 tonnes on the previous year, and a jump of 219 tonnes from 2013 – the year […]


Australia approves field trial for RMIT University’s GM buffalo grass

The Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) recently issued a licence in response to application DIR 156, authorising the limited and controlled release (field trial) of buffalo grass genetically modified (GM) for herbicide (glyphosate ) tolerance and dwarf phenotype (shorter stature and slowed growth). The field trial is authorised to take place between April […]

EU General Court annuls the decision on genetically modified soybean products

The General Court annuls the decision whereby the Commission rejected an application for review of the marketing authorisation granted to products containing genetically modified soybeans The effects of GMOs on human or animal health may fall within the area of the environment, so that non-governmental organisations may refer to those aspects within an application for […]

EU-wide protection plan set out to save at-risk bee populations

MEPs are to set out a Pan-European long-term survival strategy that involves potential bans on all harmful pesticides, tightening up checks to eliminate fake honey imports and promoting the health benefits of honey. The European political push for action to help bees comes just after the updated risk assessment from the European Food Safety Authority […]