Under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, Health Canada is proposing that products containing pyriproxyfen are acceptable for continued registration in Canada. An evaluation of available scientific information found that all uses of pyriproxyfen products meet current standards for protection of human health and the environment when used according to proposed label directions.

Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator that contributes to the management of white flies in greenhouse vegetable and ornamental production, flea control in indoor, non-food areas of structures and management of fleas on cats and dogs. Commercial products are formulated as solutions, and are applied by ground application equipment by greenhouse workers and professional applicators. Domestic-class indoor products are applied to indoor environments as a trigger pump sprayer or pressurized product. Domestic-class pet treatment products are applied to dogs as a shampoo, or to dogs and cats as a spot-on treatment. Currently registered products containing pyriproxyfen can be found in the Pesticide Label Search and in Appendix I of PRVD2019-10.

The consultation of this proposal is open for comment from 6 November 2019 to 4 February 2020 (90 calendar days).

Source: Agropages