The Punjab Government has framed new rules and regulations for the sale of insecticides and pesticides making it mandatory for the dealers to mention the name of the insect/pest and also the name of the crop for which it has been purchased by the farmer.

The new rules and regulations have been framed under the provisions of Section 15 of the Punjab Insecticide Rules, 1971. The new rules will come into force from December 1 onwards.

Agriculture officials claim that the new rules and regulations will ensure precise use of chemicals on specific crops for which it have been manufactured and recommended by the agro-scientists. Moreover, it will ensure judicious use of chemicals on crops.

In common practice, it has been observed that the farmers normally use common insecticides and pesticides on various crops even if it’s not recommended by the scientists. Dr Jaswinder Singh Brar, Plant Protection Officer, Moga, said the rules would also help the department to determine the exact amount of the chemicals sprayed on specific crops in the state for study purposes. “Farmers must precisely use insecticide/pesticide on specific crop for which it has been manufactured, sold and recommended by scientists,” he said

Source: Agropages