Teagasc published the eighteenth edition of ‘Approved Pesticides for use on Vegetable Crops’ in April. The book includes a host of vegetables, herbs and even stretches to rhubarb.
Edited by Stephen Alexander, the publication provides growers with a quick reference to the commonly available and approved pesticides which can be used on vegetable crops. However, not all generic products are included in the publication.
Active ingredients, rates, the maximum number of applications, harvest interval and the pesticide control service (PCS) number are all included in the book.
Off-Label Uses
Off-label uses can only be used where growers have the relevant extension document before use. Current off-labels are listed on the PCS website.
According to Teagasc, where growers are using off-label rates they should carry out a test for crop safety purposes, on a small area of the crop, before applying the rate to the whole field.
Ensuring Food Safety
The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine regularly carries out tests for pesticide residues. These samples are taken at wholesale level and if residues are detected they must not exceed the maximum residue limit (MRL).
The MRLs have been set for all pesticides and represent the maximum amount of residue that should arise in food when pesticides are used correctly.
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Source: Agropages