The 5th renewal programme for active substances whose approval expires between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2024 a work programme has been created, see Commission Implementing Decision C/2018/3434. The list of Rapporteur Member States and co-rapporteur Member concerning these active substances is published in Regulation EU 2018/155, amending Regulation EU 686/2012.
The work programme is prioritising substances that are approved as Candidates for Substitution and these will be evaluated without delay. For some other substances it is necessary to potentially extend the period of approval. This is done in order to manage the workload for the evaluating authorities and to align the assessment of substances with similar properties. A detailed overview of (extended) expiry dates, dates for application and submission dates for supplementary dossiers for the renewal is provided in the Draft Working Document establishing the fifth renewal programme (SANTE/2018/10048).